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Natural Rubber is a very important item to industries worldwide. It is part of a great number of products present in our day to day life and Its use by the tire industry, makes it an essential commodity for modern society.

Nonetheless, as all expanding markets, the production of natural rubber in Brazil still faces great challenges.

It is clear how diverse the producing standards are when compared to other cultures. While, in grate part of agricultural markets, to produce it is to fulfill a series of demands such as: sanitary, toxic, defect levels and even flavour; in rubber producing such quality demands are still unheard of.

While one may argue that standardized quality practices are dificult to implement, saiyng that "quality costs", to Hevea Forte: "quality costs less".

Our investments in quality not only saves resources and time, but also minimises produvtivity losses.

To us, quality, productivity and excellence are real and present values.


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